If we agree to treat your problem, you will get an assured reliable result. There is no room for a second guessing.

TchebyFlow develops mathematical models and scientific computing tools for industrial and academic applications.

Our development and expertise focuses on transport phenomena (Fluid flow, heat and mass transfer) and chemical reactions and more generally any application or problem that can be modeled by integro-differential equations.

We offer predefined packages/solvers as well as custom «on-demand» services/solvers for your specific needs. Tchebyflow also offer validation and consultation services for your current codes and models.

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The results that you will obtain from your TchebyFlow solver will match your experimental observations or your process as long as the initial conditions and the boundary conditions are provided precisely to the solver.

This one-to-one match will help you decrease the number of experiments or replace them and reduce your development and optimization cost.

The results that you will obtain from your Tchebyflow solver are definite and their accuracy are controlled and guaranteed.

The TchebyFlow method has a rigorous mathematical basis

The modeling approach of TchebyFlow guarantees the physical reliability of the results

The global nature of transport phenomena is fully respected by the TchebyFlow method

You can define the precision of a TchebyFlow solver to suit your needs

High performance, accuracy, and ease of use are the main qualities of all TchebyFlow solvers


TchebyFlow offers five types of products...


TchebyFlow offers consulting on scientific computing, transport phenomena, hydrodynamic, Computational Fluid Dynamics.

TchebyFlow offer validation codes to your in-house developed solvers. It can be a part of your solver or the whole system.

Solvers of generic mathematical models.

A library of mathematical tools, going from basic operations (integration, derivation, ODE/PDE) till solvers of complex systems (such as Navier-Stokes, Schrödinger, etc.)

Basic | Pro | Expert

2D or 3D thermo-solutal-convective flow with desired conditions


1D/2D/3D thermal/species steady/unsteady diffusion in single or stacked layers


2D or 3D chemical-etching flows in cavities of arbitrary shapes


The TchebyFlow team will work closely with you to provide solutions to your specific problems. This is an interactive and 100% confidential process. You can get the code and run it on your machine as many times as you want. Alternatively, TchebyFlow will provide the solutions/runs that you are interested in.

Three main stages of on-demand service:

Tchebyflow also develops mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. You can find them in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Please search for TchebyFlow in both stores to download free apps.


An International team of researchers and academics having a large experience in industry, in industrial and academic research, Fluid Dynamics, Transport Phenomena, Physics and Numerical Methods.



Formerly Professor of University
Currently a permanently invited Professor, LAMPS (UPVD)

Erdem UGUZ

Chief Technical Officier

PhD University of Florida (USA)
University Paris XI

Nicolas CLAVEL

Delegate Director for Innovation & Business Development

PhD University of Montpellier


Academic consultant

Professor, University of Florida (USA)




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